Thursday, May 23, 2013

Springtime in Brooklyn - Where I'm at

Springtime in New York, there really is nothing like it.
Flowers are blooming, sun is shining, and most importantly, al fresco dining.  :-)

These quick months before the summer brings sweltering heat and a mass exodus from the city, I try to take advantage and really appreciate what a great season it is to be living in New York.

Although my rotation of favorite restaurants is constantly changing, below I've compiled a list of where I find myself most recently filling my belly. PS: Click on the links to read my full review and find location and contact information.

  • La Vara - Love this Cobble Hill spot. Great Brunch here too. Service is always helpful and nice, and the Spanish influenced food is always spicy and delicious.
*Order This- peppers, potatoes bravos, spiced chickpeas, churros, eggplant with honey, all desserts

  • The Farm on Adderley - Tis the season for outdoor patios! This place is my staple go to for quick, easy, delicious and clean food, especially at lunch time. It is never too crowded at lunch and there are always delicious options whether you are in the mood for breakfast type food or sandwiches and lunch fare. 1108 Cortelyou Rd 718.287.3101
*Order This- shaved brussel sprouts with parmesan, poached eggs over polenta, oatmeal, portobella sandwich, french fries

  •  Franny's - My favorite thing about Franny's is the fresh farm to table food. They always have the freshest seasonal ingredients (ramps, peas, asparagus, etc) and find ways to use them in creative and delicious ways. Although the loss of the outdoor patio is slightly devastating, the new bigger space ensures your wait time is much more managable.
*Order This- beer on tap, ricotta hot pepper pizza, olive oil and garlic crostini, cacio e pepe, and whatever fresh vegetables are currently on the menu

  • Saraghina - Although my Mother's Day experience here was less than stellar (the service was really slow and I left my clutch there and they were not too helpful in helping me recover it), I do love their pizza and the outdoor space promises good times. The neighborhood is a little rough, but the lack of a wait time and delicious pizza still keep it in constant rotation.
*Order this- bloody mary, chocolate chip pancakes, french toast with fresh fruit, burrata, pizza

  • Brooklyn Farmacy - If you haven't been here yet, add to your hit list! This place is a dream. Old school ice cream parlor with decor and toys to boot plus benches outside to enjoy the warm weather while you sip on your ice cream float. Bring your kids / dogs / lovers etc. 513 Henry Street @ Sackett St 718.522.6260
*Order This- grilled cheese, orangenius ice cream float, sundae of broken dreams