Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bergen Hill

I'll say it again.  I have only love for Bergen Hill

I'd go so far as to say that although I've only been a couple of times, this has become one of my new favorites. 

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. If you dig raw fish, good vibes, and that open kitchen homey feel, Bergen Hill is for you. Pass on the long wait at Dover across the street, and come here instead. Chef Andrew D'Ambrosi (yes, that one, of Top Chef fame)has some great things going on. The place is tiny, and if it's open, definitely grab some seats at the bar / chef's counter. It's truly amazing the delicious food coming out of this 2 by nothing space. Each dish presented is beautifully plated and well thought out, always fresh and always unique. Chat it up with the chefs, sip on some delicious cocktails and just wait for the magic to happen. Make sure to get the toasts. In early fall the Pea toast with goat cheese mint and pea puree was incredible. The winter brought a cauliflower toast with raisins pine nuts capers and grapes also addictive. Kale panzanella and Hen of the Woods are some more winners. The burrata tuna creation (pictured above) was probably one of my least favorite dishes here, but even that was solid just not my thing. We didn't even get started yet with the actual fish yet! Tuna, yes. Fluke, double yes. Hamachi, Salmon, yes, yes. Order it all, there will be no leftovers. 

Probably the only real gripe is that the portions are on the small side so you need to order a bunch, and the prices add up. It's not a huge bust-out, but it ain't no cheap eats either. When you're being fed as well as you are here it's still hard to complain. 

For someone like me, who really has a true love (obsession) with food and the restaurant world, Bergen Hill really hits home. This is what it's all about folks. Excellent food, cozy space, friendly staff and good music. I hate to sound repetitive, but trust me, this is the real deal. Run, don't walk to Bergen Hill and you will thank me.

Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Cuisine: Seafood

Bite Mark: ****

Good For: Neighborhood Joint, Out with Friends, Seafood Lover

Bergen Hill, 387 Court Street 718-858-5483