Bite List: Jersey Shore

Ok, girls and boys! It's finally here. The day you have all been waiting for. 
My New Jersey (Monmouth County to be specific) restaurant list. It's far from complete and I will be updating and improving it throughout the summer, but at least it's a start. Use this page as a reference for ideas of where to go, numbers, website, and location information. Don't forget you can save to your home screen and use it like an app for your mobile device on the go. Instead of full on reviews, I've put a few notes, tips, and suggestions. 

PLEASE all you Jerz folks, I would love your help! Tips, comments, opinions, new places, hidden gems, etc. I am far from a Jersey expert, and would welcome contributions to this page! 

Contact me at or text me if you got my digits. ;-)

  • Brando's Citi Cucina: 162 Main St - Italian - 732-774-2222
  • FISH Urban Dining: 601 Mattison Ave - Seafood - 732-455-8181
  • Jimmy's Italian Restaurant: 1405 Asbury Ave - Italian - 732-774-5051
    • Old school joint with some great staples. There's definitely an older crowd here, but the food is pretty solid. Order the homemade chips with hot peppers off the menu, and the pasta Giovanni (spicy delicious tomato sauce). 
  • Moonstruck: 517 Lake Ave - American - 732-988-0123 -
    • Can get crowded on the weekends, but the food is good and the outdoor patio situation is nice. There's a nice romantic vibe here, great for a date night too.
  • Pascale & Sabine: 601 Bangs Ave - French - 732-774-3395
  • Porta Pizzeria: 911 Kingsley St - Pizza - 732-776-7661 -
    • Great spot. Reminds me a little of a Jersey Shore version of Franny's. Menu changes based on seasonality. Fresh yummy pizza and salads, great beers on tap, and a really fun and lively place on weekends. 
  • Stella Marina: 800 Ocean Ave - Italian - 732-775-7776 -
    • Nice atmosphere, right on the Asbury Park boardwalk. I don't happen to love the food here though. 
  • TAKA: 632 Mattison Ave - Sushi - 732-775-1020 -
    • Arguably one of the better sushi spots in the area. Make a reservation during weekends in the high season. Now open for lunch! BYOB. 
  • Toast: 516 Cookman Ave - Breakfast - 732-776-5900-
  • Twisted Tree Cafe: 609 Cookman Ave - Vegetarian - 732-775-2633 - 
    • Really good clean and healthy food. Just wish service was a little quicker. I also like that they have real tuna fish and cheese as an option if you'd prefer. Delicious hummus, salads, homemade breads and pastries. 
  • Watermark: 800 Ocean Ave - Lounge - 732-455-3447 -

  • From Seed to Sprout: 410 Main St - Vegan/Raw - 732-774-7333 -
  • Giamano's: 301 Main St - Italian - 732-775-4275
    • Been around for ages, but still going strong. Solid Italian food and a cute outdoor space on a nice night. 
  • Klein's Fish Market: 708 River Rd - Seafood - 732-681-1177
    • Casual fresh seafood with a great boat-side view. Fish sandwiches, sushi, and curly fries. Live music sometimes too. 
  • Vic's: 60 Main Street - Italian - 732-774-8225 -
    • I'm a big fan. Nothing spells summer like a delicious chopped antipasta salad, garlic bread, mozz sticks, and a yummy thin crust pizza. Drooling just thinking about it. 
  • Chocolate Soda: 290 Norwood Ave - Kosher - 732-531-5460
  • Cravings: 310 Main St - Bakery - 732-531-7122
  • McGillicuddy's (The Lake House): 601 Main St - Bar Food - 732-531-5555 
    • Kind of raunchy, but can be fun and a great outdoor space right on the Lake. Go for the drinks, pass on the food.
  • Mister C's Beach Bistro: 1 Allen Ave - American - 732-531-3665
    • A phantom of what they were pre-Sandy, C's is currently more of a "snack shack". Food never was the highlight here, but they still have Rum Punch...
  • Serpico's Pizzeria: 307 Main St - Pizza - 732-531-4774 
    • Decent pizza and other italian specialties. Extra props for being quick and convenient and delivering to certain areas (and to the beach!)


  • Avenue: (Pier Village) - 23 Ocean Ave - French - 732-759-2900
    • 2 words. BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Amazing. Love this place for lunch. Also great gazpacho, sandwiches, and fries. On a beautiful day sit on the porch, order a cocktail and pretend to be overlooking the Mediterranean. 
  • Charley's Ocean Grill: 29 Avenel Blvd - Seafood - 732-222-4499 
    • Delicious fresh seafood. Steamed artichoke with vinaigrette and blackened any kind of fresh fish with garlic herb sauce. Mmmm. 
  • Indulge Lounge: 16 Laird St - American / Lounge - 732-963-9352 -
    • I've only been once, but didn't have a great experience. They were "too backed up" to serve food on a Saturday night(!) Service was spotty, drinks weak, and much too crowded for my liking. 
  • IZU Sushi: 31 Montgomery Ave - Sushi - 732-870-0807 
    • Love/hate relationship with this place. I have had surprisingly delicious meals here as well as disappointment. 
  • Max's: 25 Matilda Ter - Fast Food - 732-571-0248
    • Amazing corn on the cob (dripping in butter), milkshakes, and fried goods.
  • MIX Lounge: 71 Brighton Ave- Bar Food - 732-923-9100 
    • Haven't been in a while, but I remember the food being surprisingly good for a bar lounge type of place. 
  • My Kitchen Witch Cafe: 29 Beach Road - American - 732-229-3033
    • Quaint little cafe best known for their breakfast food and juices. 
  • Ocean Cafe: 624 Ocean Ave - Cafe/Salads/Sandwiches - 732-222-2221 
    • Another staple on the shore. Clean, health conscious, light and delicious food. They are usually pretty quick with pick-ups as well. Spring rolls, soups, tuna salad, and eggplant wrap are some of my favorites here. 
  • Sirena Ristorante: (Pier Village) 27 Ocean Ave - Italian - 732-222-1119 -
    • This place has deteriorated over the years and tends to be more touristy and overpriced these days (as you could say for a lot of Pier Village), but still not terrible if you are looking for nicer place with Italian food. 
  • The Wine Loft: (Pier Village) 32 Laird Ave - Lounge/Wine Bar - 732-222-7770
    • Nice place for a drink and an appetizer. Crowded on summer weekends. 
  • Turning Point: 2132 State Rt 35 - Breakfast - 732-615-9000 -
    • Breakfast food by the Pier. Usually a deep wait, and not always worth it. 

  • Pete & Elda's: 96 Woodland Ave - Pizza/Italian - 732-774-6010 -
    • Delicious thin-crust pizza. One of the best in the area hands down. 

  • All Mixed Up: 809 West Park - Salads - 732-493-0112
    • Decent, quick, lunch or pick up spot for salads and sandwiches
  • Illiano's: - 933 West Park Ave - Italian - 732-493-2003
    • Not much of an atmosphere but kid-friendly and I love all their veggies with homemade marinara sauce. Also works well for take-out and lunch but note that they are closed on Sundays. 
  • Nino Jr's Italian Specialty: 2005 State Route 35 - Italian Grocery - 732-531-6644 
    • Heavy but delicious Italian specialties. My favorite is the sub with fresh sliced mozzarella cheese, marinated artichokes, roasted pepper, lettuce, tomato, salt, ppr, oil and vinegar. Get on this.  
  • Sawa Hibachi & Sushi Bar: 42 State Rt 36 - Sushi - 732-544-8885 -
    • Solid sushi and appetizers. Kid-friendly and open for lunch. Other location in Pier Village (Long Branch), better atmosphere but not as good food. 
  • David Burke Fromagerie: 26 Ridge Road - American - 732-842-8088
    • Well loved in the area but not so much by me. I find it a bit overrated and underwhelming, but for a special occasion place on the Jersey Shore, you can definitely do worse. 
  • Salt Creek Grill: 4 Bingham Ave -American - 732-933-9272
  • Undici Restaurant: 11 W River Rd - Italian - 732-842-3880 -
    • Great Italian food and a nice atmosphere in Rumson. You almost don't feel like you are in NJ sitting here. Delicious ice-cream spot right across the street for dessert.
  • Basil T's 183 Riverside Ave - Italian - 732-842-5990
  • Restaurant Nicholas: 160 Rt 35 S - American - 732-345-9977
    • Nice option for a special occasion. Somewhat stuffy but still a good call. Great service, excellent top notch food for the Jersey Shore.

  • Anjelica's: 1070 Ocean Ave - Italian - 732-842-2800 -
    • Still closed since Hurricane Sandy. Set to reopen soon!
  • Ama Ristorante: 1485 Ocean Ave - Italian - 732-530-9760 - 
    • Haven't been since their move location last year but remember it being delicious, tiny portions, and really expensive.
  • Copper Canyon: 51 1st Ave Atlantic Highlands - 732-291-8444 -
  • Sea Bright Pizza Restaurant: 1066 Ocean Ave - 732-219-8770
  • Yumi: 1120 Ocean Ave - Sushi - 732-212-0881 -
    • Good sushi spot with a lot of mouth watering appetizers. BYOB. 

On the Radar:
  • Dish: 13 White St, Red Bank. American. 732-345-7070
  • Pazzo: 141 W Front St, Red Bank. Italian. 732-747-4551 
  • Temple: 91 Broad St, Red Bank. Chinese. 732-212-8858
  • Bay Ave: 122 Bay Ave, Highlands. Italian. 732-872-9800