Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm baaaaack! After relinquishing all bread, pizza, pasta, and hametz related substances for a long (yet wonderful) Passover in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, I'm finally back! Home sweet home, and itching for springtime in New York and delicious new spots to fill  my belly and quench my insatiable appetite.... 

Shortly before my trip I had a wonderful meal in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. In what looks to be the middle of nowhere off an unassuming corner, lies the excellent SaraghinaI heard this place mentioned a few times (there's even been Beyonce/Jay-Z spotting for what that's worth), but unfamiliar with Bed-Stuy I was reluctant to trek out there. Turns out it's not too far (15 min drive from Midwood, where I live), and even if it was a little further it would still be worth the trek.

I would describe Saraghina as quaint, funky, and relaxed. There's chairs hanging from the ceiling and other awesome decor. It's the kind of place I'd want to go with a small party for a birthday celebration. It's hip and fun but without the pretentiousness, and with delicious food. The service is good, the people around me seem cool, and it is just comfortable.  There's also an outside area that looks pretty cool come springtime. 

After just a few quick minutes we were seated, ordered, and had some nice local beer in our hands. We started with the Burrata Salad, imported from Puglia and served with fresh tomatoes, greens, basil and evoo. I love Burrata, and this is DELICIOUS burrata. Get this. We also had a delicious Fennel Salad served shaved with parmigiano, pine nuts and thyme. Spaghetti al Chitarra, the homemade spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil is simple and excellent. The sauce lies a little on the sweeter side but it was al dente and really just a perfectly cooked bowl of pasta. 

We went for the Carciofi Pizza with san marzano tomatoes, baby artichokes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. Wow. Thin crust, tangy sauce, fresh cheese, and yummy artichokes. The pizza here is up there with the best Brooklyn has to offer (Di Fara, Lucali, Franny's, etc). Brick oven Brooklyn deliciousness. 

We had such a pleasant experience at Saraghina, without any of the hassle. Although I've only been once, this place is definitely going to become a regular and I'm told the brunch is pretty awesome as well. Check this place out for sure. It's another Brooklyn winner. 

Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Bite Mark: ****

Good For: Pizza, Date Night, Romantic, Small Parties, Brunch, Kid-friendly 

Saraghina, 435 Halsey 718-574-0010