Saturday, May 25, 2013

Frankies 457

Frankies 457 is the perfect Brooklyn lunch spot. I'm not gonna lie and say it is my all time favorite place, but Frankies is always good for solid, homey Italian food with a backyard patio that makes you feel like you're in Europe. Instead of fighting the crowds and waiting for hours or dining at 11 pm, go on a beautiful spring day and sit outside in the back garden. The service is usually pretty good, and the atmosphere has that rustic old school italian restaurant in Brooklyn vibe. The portions are on the small side, so I  suggest ordering a bunch of things and sharing. They have a nice selection of vegetarian options included more than 6 different salads, a whole slew of vegetable sides, cheese plates, crostinis, and pastas.

The Fennel Salad with celery root, parsley, red onions lemon and pecorino is a must order. I like the Italian Tuna Salad with herb mayo, but note it is not really much of a "salad". The Farro Salad with wild mushrooms and ricotta salata is also pretty good, and has nice flavors. I love the Stracciotella cheese here, it is stringly, creamy and delicious. Another amazing thing to get is the Crostini with cannellini, capers, lemon and anchovy. Insane!! The Vegetable Plate is pretty straightforward and a little boring. Skip this and order something a little more exciting. Some rave about the Gnocci with marinara and ricotta cheese, but I found it a bit overrated. 

Overall, I like Frankies. I'm just not gonna marry him. The food while for the most part delicious, is not transcendental. Certain items are definitely better than others. Frankies has become a Brooklyn staple, and if you've never been I would definitely suggest a visit. The same guys also opened a Frankies Spuntino in the West Village. I'm sure I will find myself back here time and time again and with so many options in this Carroll Gardens sect of Brooklyn, that is usually a pretty good sign.  

 Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn 

Bite Mark: ***

Good For: Lunch, Outdoor Dining, Italian Food, Small Parties, Girl's Night 

Frankies 457, 457 Court Street