Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sugar & Plumm

Sugar & Plumm is a refreshingly whimsical candy store / ice cream parlor / patisserie / chocolate shop / restaurant on the UWS. It's just a few weeks old, and a welcome addition to the many mediocre spots along Amsterdam Ave.

Sugar & Plumm is a cross between Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and Serendipity, with less tourists. The space is HUGE.  The restaurant is on one end, with the front section reserved for grabbing a quick milkshake, macaroon, chocolate, or getting your candy fix. It's located just a few blocks from CMOM (Children's Museum of Manhattan), the Natural History Museum, a children's playground, and a bunch of other kid friendly activities on the UWS.

After reading some mixed reviews and showing up on a busy Sunday afternoon with  5 kids and a bunch of exhausted adults, my expectations were not set very high. I've suffered through some bad meals at "kid friendly" spots before, and they always end with a big bill, and an unhappy mom. 

I am pleasantly surprised to say, the kids loved it, but we also kinda did. It's bright and fun, the place is roomy, and it didn't take forever. They put together our massive table in just a few minutes and after some trouble flagging down a waitress and ordering, the food just kept coming. 

We got everything. From basics like Bagels and Cream Cheese, to Eggs, to the Waffles with Ice Cream, it all came quick and was quite tasty. The Whole Grain Salad with chickpeas, haricot verts, cipollini onions,and grains was not terrible, and pretty filling. The kids also enjoyed the Grilled cheese, and Macaroni and Cheese (which came with better than average fries). The best thing I tasted was the Original Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (above left) with vermont maple syrup, lemon curd and berry compote. Fluffy, sweet, and tangy. I cleaned the plate. 

For dessert we all shared the Turtle Sundae with with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce and candied pecan turtles. We were fighting the kids off. YUMMM.

As long as you know what to expect  (children, more children, and lots of strollers), this place is great. It's not a dinner spot, go for lunch, brunch or after dinner for dessert. The food although not spectacular was decent and even good, and the desserts and sweets were even better. Yes it is overpriced, but not ridiculously so. 

 Indulge. This is the place to do it. You may walk out 5 lbs heavier, but you'll surely be smiling. 

 Neighborhood: Upper West Side 

Bite Mark: *** and a half

Good For: Lunch, Brunch, Kiddies, Desserts

Sugar & Plumm, 377 Amsterdam Ave between 78th and 79th street. 212-787-8778