Wednesday, January 2, 2013


You are probably wondering what business I have reviewing this tiny Korean tapas restaurant in the middle of nowhere (well, 52nd 8th & 9th). You are just going to have to trust me on this one. Danji is delicious, and should you find yourself in this area, (pre or post broadway show), you should definitely swing by.

Danji is a trendy cozy little spot with a bar in front, and communal tables in back. The food is traditional Korean with a modern twist. The room is modern and bright, and I love how they keep the menus in a drawer in each table. They are usually pretty busy and don't take reservations for parties of less than 6 people, but I've gotten lucky during lunch time. I've been here twice now and both experiences were amazing. And as a side note, the same guys also just opened a new place called Hanjan on West 26th and Broadway. 

Order the Tofu with Ginger Scallion Dressing. You may be skeptical ( how good could tofu really be now?!) but IT IS MIND BLOWING. I am salivating just remembering it. It's silky and soft and feels almost like a mozzarella cheese going down. It's tangy and delicious with panko crumbs scallions and jalapeƱo peppers. I would go back just for this dish. The hand made Veggie Dumplings with spicy soy sauce is also a winner. Deliciously fried and crispy and the dipping sauce you are going to want to lick up with a spoon.
The last time I went I got the Hamachi Crudo over a salad. They were out of this the other day but we did get the Farmers Market Bibim-Bop with satur farm vegetables jidori egg and bulgogi. It comes deconstructed with a bowl filled with delicious sticky white rice with a fried egg on top, and all the veggies on the side and you mix it all together. Delicious, fresh, and satisfying. The Kimchi Trio was also good and had a nice spicy kick. 

We sat at the bar and the waiter was welcoming and helpful and recommended a tasty Asian lite beer that complemented the food well. The whole experience was perfect. Delicious food, good service, and an adorable place. Should you find yourself in nowhere land of midtown west, go to Danji and thank me later.

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Bite Mark: ****

Good For: Lunch, Casual Date, Korean Food, Vegetarian Friendly

Danji, 346 West 52nd between 8th & 9th Ave