Monday, November 12, 2012

The Pines

I was really excited for this one. It's not too far from where I live (always a plus) and I imagined it being one of those places we go back to time and time again.
The place has kind of a run down feel in a way like they did it on purpose. The outdoor space looks like it would be amazing come spring time. Service was friendly, and chef seemed super accommodating to alter some menu options for us.
I wanted to love it. But to be honest, the food was just ok. I ordered the Verano Cesar to drink with tequila, hibiscus, cucumber, lime, soda, and loved it. We also loved the candied tangerine amuse (who doesn't like that bite size surprise). And the breads with caraway butter and cured olives started the meal off nice.
I heard a lot about the apples with Sheep's milk, hibiscus and black sesame seeds going in but I didn't love the flavors. The Sweet Potato with buttermilk, hearts of palm and tobiko were probably the best thing we got, and the jicama I'd probably also skip if I ever came back. Next came the Garganelli (pasta) with mushrooms and straciatella and tile fish. The pasta was good, but I'd never had this fish before and found it to be a little too meaty tasting to my liking.
Oh and one more thing. They only take cash (although there's an ATM inside).

All in all, decent neighborhood spot, I'd probably go back and just have drinks and sit outside.

Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Gowanus 

Good For: drinks, outdoor space

Bite Mark: ** & a half

The Pines; 284 3rd Ave bet Carroll & President St, Gowanus 718-596-6560