Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gallow Green

On a dimly lit west side street across from the infamous "Scores", lies a nondescript hotel,  a man with an ipad, and a line of eager tourists and locals, waiting to get a taste of New York's newest secret.
Get ready to be transported back in a Jazz Age lawn party on the rooftop of the Mckittrick Hotel. Gallow Green, brought to you by the same guys as the interactive show "Sleep no More", is an experience to say the least. From the moment you step into the eerie elevator, walk past the valet with the ancient luggage, and travel up the stairs, it's as if you have traveled back in time. The decor is enchanting, and the Dixieland band is pretty awesome. There are also "characters" meandering around interacting with people and interjecting themselves into conversations. The whole experience is really fun and really different. The views of the city are amazing (we even had a fireworks show to watch Saturday night), the service impeccible, and the drinks delicious.
Definitely get Gallow Green flaming absinthe punch. It only comes in a large size and runs $100, but it kept our party of 4 happy and laughing the whole night, with extra to spare and watching the waiters set it ablaze was part of the fun.

The food is pretty decent, given that you are not going there for their culinary expertise. Skip the raw veggies with cheese dip and the chips, and instead opt for the cheese plate and warm pretzels. Smoked salmon roll ups were good but small, the summer tomato salad was refreshing and light, and the grilled corn crostini with creme fresca, lime, and cilantro was also pretty decent. 

Gallow Green is definitely an experience. Coming from a jaded New Yorker, this says a lot. It's a great place to hang with some friends, celebrate an occasion, or have a romantic night. Go on a nice night, don't go starving, but get the punch and some snacks, and you're sure to have a fun time. It does get pretty chilly on the rooftop, so dress appropriately, be on time, and get don't forget "fortune favors the bold"...

Neighborhood: Chelsea

Good For: Groups, birthday's, fun night out

Bite Mark: ****

Gallow Green; 542 West 27th Street; 212-564-1662