Monday, November 18, 2013

The Pickle Shack

What happens when you cross Shamus Jones, owner of  Brooklyn Brine's famous hipster-chic pickles with Dogfish Head Brewery owner Sam Calagione? The Pickle Shack (duh).

The Pickle Shack is the new Vegetarian centric gastropub located on 4th Avenue in Gowanus area of Brooklyn. It's a small 35 seat eatery with 8 draft beers on tap, a simple layout, and a menu full of salads, sandwiches and sides. 

Although not marketed as a vegetarian spot, and no "fake meat" in sight, the focus here is on hearty delicious vegetarian options, with some Brooklyn Brine pickles thrown in for good measure. There are a bunch of sandwiches on the menu, and the bread is baked fresh down the block at Runner + Stone.  Some other veggie-licious  grub I've sampled is the grilled kale, butternut squash salad with grainy mustard and a mushroom veggie burger with grilled onions and a side of pickle.

Although this place sounds like a pickle loving vegetarian's dream come true, honestly, the best thing I had the 2 times I visited is the fried hop pickles with lemon aioli. The kale salad was a little too sweet, and the fried oyster mushrooms too bready. On my last visit I shared the aforementioned veggie shroom burger and grilled cheese sandwich. Both were good, but probably not worth going back for. 

I would give this place one more try, they are still pretty new and getting their act together. In the meantime definitely pass by for a nice beer on tap and those crazy good fried pickles. 

Neighborhood: Gowanus / South Slope, Brooklyn

Cuisine: Sandwiches, Gastropub

Bite Mark: ** & a half

Good For: Beer on draft, Vegetarians, quick lunch, PICKLES! 

The Pickle Shack, 256 4th Ave & President Street