Monday, July 22, 2013

Jersey Shore, Monday Munchies, & My Kitchen Witch

Starting this week, I'm going to do my best to research, eat, and write up a post on a new restaurant in the Jersey Shore every Monday! Let's call it the Monday Munchies. So here goes...

Week #1 = The Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach, NJ 

I've been coming down to the Jersey Shore every summer pretty much my whole life, yet when it comes to eating out here, I am still a little lost. I tend to stick to the tried and true places that I've been frequenting for years, and lose my more adventurous nature that we all know and love in Brooklyn. I guess a few disappointing experiences trying the new "hot spot" (often a 35 min drive away) left me reluctant to venture out. But this summer I've vowed to try some new spots and hopefully find some good ones for my followers!

First stop, My Kitchen Witch Cafe in Monmouth Beach, NJ. Some foodie friends that I trust recommended I hit this "secret spot" for some good eats, so last Friday I dragged my reluctant friend on a HOT Friday afternoon.  I really wish I could say that My Kitchen Witch broke that spell (hah), but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.

The place is cute. It kitschy and whimsical and kid friendly as well. References to witches and potions abound, and the menu sounds yummy. I want to blame my whole experience on the mean waitress. She just wasn't very nice or friendly AT ALL. After waiting ample time to order, she finally came over to inform us that they "ran out of greens" so half the menu was off limits. When asked if they could improvise and perhaps give me the items in the salad without the actual lettuce  my question was returned with a dirty look. I opted for the "famous" Eggs Bene'witch' composed of griddled olive bread topped with lemon artichoke spread, organic arugula and poached eggs served with potatoes. It looks (and sounds) much better than it tasted. Sorry. Not impressed. The eggs were overdone (not gooey how poached eggs are supposed to be), and the bread and spread were a little heavy. We shared the Homemade Biscuits with strawberry butter. Also okay, but a couple bites are enough.  I also got a juice consisting of beets, carrots, celery, etc which was pretty run of the mill, standard juice. 

I don't know. Maybe I was just expecting a WOW. Or maybe I didn't order the right stuff. And please realize this review is soley based on one not so great experience. Never the less, My Kitchen Witch did not leave me feeling like I need to jump on my broomstick and return...

 On to the next.

Neighborhood: Monmouth Beach, New Jersey 

Bite Mark: **

Good For: Breakfast, Kid Friendly 

My Kitchen Witch, 29 Beach Road 732-229-3033